Explanation Of Use

This page describes how the system is used during competition, it is intended to be used as a guide to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

How to perform a match

  1. Contestants position their robots on the arena and remove them self.
  2. The judge asks the competitors if they are ready.
  3. After confirmation from the competitors, the judge sends the start command to the robots, thus starting the match (LED light up).
  4. At the end of each round, the judge sends the stop command. Start modules have gone into the stopped state (LED flashing slowly).
  5. Judge instructs the competitors to power off their robots to make sure that the modules exit the stopped state.
  6. Steps 1 to 5 are repeated until all the rounds of the match are completed.

How to register at the arena.
When changing arena the robot needs to be programmed to listen for signals used on this arena only. This is how it is done.

  1.  The competitor approach the judges table with his/her robot.
  2. The judge responsible for starting the robots, asks the competitor to power on his/her robot, but not allow the robots to start operating.
  3. The judge uses the remote control and programs the start module on the robot. He/she makes sure that the start module accepted the programming by observing the led (it should flash quickly 2 times). The judge asks the competitor to power off his/her robot.
  4. The robot is now ready to compete and will only listen for commands used on this arena.

Please note that the modules do not need to be programmed before the start of every match. If one robot has recently battled on the current arena, and the start module has not been reprogrammed, then there is no need to reprogram the module this is only needed when changing the arena. Normally change of arena only happens when going from qualification to group play or from group play to finals.

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