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Design is updated and the webbshop has been moved

Since Tictail who was supplying our webbshop have shut down we had to move the webbshop. It is now integrated into this page. Please let us know if you experience any issues with making any orders.

We also noticed that our “Contact us” page has been out of order so if you have trying to come in contact with us via that page please try again, very sorry for the inconvenience.

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Use your android smartphone as a remote

Piotr Krzemiński have created a great android app which enables you to use your android smartphone as a remote control to start your sumo robot using the start module.

You will of course need a smartphone which includes an IR transmitter.

Search google play for sumoremote or follow the link

Fan page for the project:


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New batch of startmodules tested and ready

Yesterday we got a package with the latest batch of startmodules (200 pcs), so, and after a couple of hours of programming and testing they’re finally finished! This batch came out correct from the manufacturer (as opposed to the last one) so no need to wook reflow them this time around, which also provided a better yield than last time. Also, now there’s silkscreen on the backside, so it’s more easy to see which pin has which function.

Here are some pictures as well (sorry if they are bad, I’m a terrible photographer 😛 ).