10 x Test Remote


Ten pieces of Test Remotes.

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Ten pieces of Test Remotes. This is the lowest amount of Test Remotes that we sell. To buy smaller amount please contact the tournament where you plan to use the start module.

The Test Remote is intended to be used by the contestant when testing. All Test Remotes send the same arena(dohyo) ID so it should not be used as a Referee Remote during competitions since two matches being played next to each other would then disturb each other. There is no risk of conflict between the Test Remote and the Referee Remote since the arena(dohyo) ID used by the test remote is not available on the Referee Remote.

  • Simple to use and quick to program
  • Runs on a CR2025 (included)
  • Low stand by current of <3μA for long battery life
  • Start and Stop signal is sent with a powerful signal while Programming is sent with a weak signal to not disturb other robots during programming
  • Compact size (87 mm x 41 mm x 7 mm)
How to use it?
  1. First you need to program the module so it reacts to and remembers the test remote
  2. Power up your robot, keep the test remote close to the module and then press the program “P” button(The LED on the module  will blink 2 times)
  3. Now the start module is ready for receiving start and stop signal from the test remote(The LED is on when started and blinks when stopped).

Note! With the test remote it is not necessary to put the start module in the “home-mode” it works directly out of the box.



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