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On this page we list Organizations and robotic competitions where the start module is in use. If your organization is missing or if you wish to be removed from the list please send us and email via the contact page.

Country Organization/Competition Home page Using since
Austria RobotChallenge 2012
Baltic States BalticRobotSumo 2013
China RobotChallenge 2017
Estonia Robotex 2013
Lithuania Robotiada 2016
Poland Robotic Arena 2012
Romania BattleLab Robotica 2013
Romania RoboChallenge 2013
Sweden Chalmers Robotic Society 2012
Sweden Robot-SM 2012
Sweden Stockholm Robotic Society 2012
Sweden Stockholm Robot Championship 2012

3 thoughts on “Used By

  1. The next will be “Robotiada” in Lithuania

  2. Also NCO (Všį) Klaipeda University Robotics Club

    1. Do you have homepage for them?

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