Modes Of Operation

This page is only for those who do not want to use the prebuilt module. The prebuilt module is recommended since it takes care of all the communication and the decoding of the IR signals.

1) Due to security precaution it should always be possible to stop the robot, therefore this transition is needed.
2)The reason that the saved state is different from the current state is because the robot should go back to the initial “Power ON” state after it has received the stop command and then is restarted.
3)This transition makes sure that the robot is always stopped for at least 1 second before it is able to reset to “Power ON” state. This should be enough to protect the module from noise from the motors that could cause the false reset.
4)This transition is needed since the module would be locked in this state if it didn’t receive the stop command before it previously powered off and then competes on a new dohyo where different start and stop commands are used.

1 thought on “Modes Of Operation

  1. Starting robots automatically is a nice feature to prevent cheating in starting robots. And a kill signal is a perfect injury or robot damage prevention.

    State Machine method is a perfect engineering for automatic systems.

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