Testing the Start Module at Home

I want to test the Start Module at home, is it possible?
Yes there are several ways of testing the Start Module at home.
The easiest way is to use the Test Remote. This requires no modifications and works out of the box.
See more information here.

If you don’t have a Test Remote you can test with a normal TV remote.
This require a small modification of the Start Module.
See more information here.

4 thoughts on “Testing the Start Module at Home

  1. Do you have any good tips for making that switched connection to the Home Pads?

    It looks like it might be a pain, any chance of another connection alongside start/kill?

  2. Hi,

    We used some right angle headers to access the pads for temporarily connecting the 1K resistor. Like this: http://www.minisumo.org.uk/wiki/StartStopModule

  3. Hello, I’ve made a code to use an Arduino to simulate “HOME” commands !
    You can use any Arduino and a simple IR LED. Instructions are in the code.
    Feel free to share !


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