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I want to test the prebuilt module at home, is it possible?
Yes the prebuilt start module has a feature for this. On the backside of the module there are two large pads, one “Home” and the second is GND if you connect these with a 1K ohm resistor the module will accept signals from standard TV remotes (TV remotes using RC-5 coding). It is Philips that has developed RC-5 but several other companies use the same protocoll. However Sony and NEC have their own and will not work. The best way to figure out if your remote works it to test it with the module. Pressing channel 1 on the TV remote acts as a start signal and channel 2 as stop signal.

Important: remember to disconnect the “Home” pad from GND when participating in the tournament.

Tip: If you connect the home pad to GND with a switch you can simply switch between the normal competition mode and the home testing mode. This will then exclude the 1K ohm which is ok if you know what you are doing and don’t solder the wrong pads.

3 thoughts on “Home Mode

  1. Do you have any good tips for making that switched connection to the Home Pads?

    It looks like it might be a pain, any chance of another connection alongside start/kill?

  2. Hi,

    We used some right angle headers to access the pads for temporarily connecting the 1K resistor. Like this: http://www.minisumo.org.uk/wiki/StartStopModule

  3. Hello, I’ve made a code to use an Arduino to simulate “HOME” commands !
    You can use any Arduino and a simple IR LED. Instructions are in the code.
    Feel free to share !


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